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MESH High flow

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The basket filter housing series SF-IL-16, 22, 27 are welded stainless steel constructions with cylindric vessel, flat bottom and hinged lid. The lid is equipped with with eyebolts and star handle nuts for easy opening. The housings of series SF-IL-09 and SF-IL-40 are equipped with bolts and star handle nut. The housing series SF-IL-40 can be equipped with DAVIT opening. This allows to clean the filter housing easy and without tools. The large filter area allows high capacity and long holding time. The inlet and outlet are in a line. This is perfect for installation in a pipeline without ellbows etc. On request we install a differantial pressure gauge - optional with electrical contact.


Max. Pressure (SF-IL-16, 22, 27) 10 bar
Max. Pressure (SF-IL-09, 40) 16 bar
Max. Temperature -10/+80
Material Housing AISI 304
Material Gasket O-ring FPM
Material Not with star handle Stainless Steel A2
Material Bolts Stainless Steel A2
Vent/Pressure Gauge (N3) Rp 3/8" with plug
Drain (N4) Rp 3/4" with plug
Diff. Pressure Gauge (N5/N6) Rp 1/4" with plug
Filer micron rate 50, 100, 300, 500, 1000 µm




High Flow Mesh filter SF 0027 - 27 m3/h - DN65

SEK 12.957,00
Art nr:FU-5201763065

High Flow Mesh filter SF 0 018 - 18 m3/h - DN50

SEK 12.957,00
Art nr:FU-5201763050

High Flow Mesh filter SF 0065 - 65 m3/h - DN100

SEK 19.277,00
Art nr:FU-5202363100

High Flow Mesh filter SF 0040 - 40 m3/h - DN80

SEK 19.277,00
Art nr:FU-5202363080

High Flow Mesh filter SF 0150 - 150 m3/h - DN150

SEK 35.605,00
Art nr:FU-5202863150

High Flow Mesh filter SF 0260S - 260 m3/h - DN200

SEK 57.236,00
Art nr:FU-5204064200

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